Musicians of the UNC Charlotte Chamber Orchestra at Kahnawake, Quebec. The gentleman in the center of the image is Ken Lambla, Dean of the College of Arts and Architecture at UNC Charlotte. July 12, 2015

The Towers and the Trenches

June 27, 2015


The title slide from my presentation in London

If you have a vision for education, music or otherwise, live it first.

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The Two (Ivory) Towers

June 18, 2015


University of London. Could the Tower get any more ivory?

If you're an educator trying to lead a Sistema program, here's my suggestion for what to keep in mind.

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Bonfire of the Inanities – International censorship in Sistema

May 9, 2015


Book Burning

Who's telling you what to read or think?

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This is where we flew

April 5, 2015


"United through Music"

How a major research university is playing a role in Sistema internationally

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This is where we fly

March 16, 2015


Storseisundet, Norway

Confronting reality will not confine, it will liberate.

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Sistema Through the Noise

February 26, 2015



A new definition for El Sistema in Venezuela.

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