It's Cubist Charlie Brown. No explanation was forthcoming July 30, 2014

Acarigua – The Legend Continues

June 30, 2014


Post-concert celebrations

This was not the same orchestra. There was a technical and musical assurance, a mental flexibility, a level of intellectual discipline that was evident in every measure they played.

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On the S.S. (Symphonic Ship) Titanic

May 26, 2014


Sometimes the band can't play on

Can Sistema save the Symphony?

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Gabriela vs. Gustavo – an epilogue

May 4, 2014


Protest performance

Why Gustavo is right not to burn bridges in Venezuela

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Sistema in the crossfire

February 17, 2014


Different hand, same purse

The least comfortable seat is the one on the fence, but that’s where the Fundación needs to be right now.

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In Memoriam

February 9, 2014


From L to R: Lorrie H, Dantes R, Katie W, Maestro Abbado, and me.

Memories of Bolivia Bottome and Claudio Abbado

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Defying the Evil Empire

February 2, 2014


Not a negotiation...

Teachers, like publishers, are gatekeepers. Both entities make difficult choices in terms of what content to present, in terms of what perspectives to privilege. But unlike publishers, teachers do not make these choices based on profitability.

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