Baker Banner December 10, 2014

No apologies for the orchestra

December 1, 2014


The Orquesta Teresa Carreño on November 2, 2014

Is the orchestra the best medium for social action through music?

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The Candlestick Maker

November 24, 2014


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It's either light a candle or curse the darkness...

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The Butcher, The Baker?

November 13, 2014



Geoff Baker has written a book. People are worried.

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Avoiding the Clap Trap

August 25, 2014


The Challenge of El Sistema

It may be ubiquitous as a pedagogical tool, but does that make it a good idea?

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Video Blog – A Transcontinental Connection

August 15, 2014


Samuel gives an impromptu violin lesson

Three South Americans reach out across 7000km with extraordinary results

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The Venezuela revisit revisited

August 6, 2014


The Orquesta Infantil rehearses under the mango trees

It’s not just about the orchestra; it’s about what you do with it.

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