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Selection of Currently Available Keynotes/Guest Lectures

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Beethoven’s Bailout
The One-night (Music) Stand
The Five Fundamentals of El Sistema
The El Sistema Environmental Ethos
The Uncompromising System – How Music has finally connected how we teach with how we learn
Sustaining the Sound – How Social Relevance will resurrect the Symphony Orchestra
Entrepreneurship for the Music Teacher and Performer
Cultivating a Culture of Leadership

Honours: Keynotes

“Reframing El Sistema Conference”, U Maryland Baltimore County (Apr 2016)
John Moores University, Liverpool UK (May 2013)
Alberta Music Education Conference (Nov 2012)
Southbank Centre, London UK (Jun 2012)
Hub Zurich (Jun 2012)
Hub Vienna (Jun 2012)
Québec Music Educators Conference (Nov 2011)
Leading Music Education, U of W. Ontario (May 2011)
El Sistema Seminar at Cape Town University (Mar 2011)
NAMM Conference, Anaheim (Jan 2011)
Taking Stock Symposium, Southbank Centre UK (Oct 2010)

Honours: Special Sessions

Respondent for closing session, Special Interest Group for El Sistema, ISME (Jul 2016)
International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition, San Francisco (Jul 2016)
Respondent for closing session, Special Interest Group for El Sistema, ISME (Jul 2014)

Guest Speaking Invitations
Mozarteum, Salzburg (Feb 2015)
Fairfield University, CT, (Oct 2013)
Bridgeport University, CT, (Oct 2013)
Western Washington University (Jan 2013)
University of Victoria, Canada (Nov 2011)

Peer-reviewed Conference Invitations: Spoken Papers

ISME, Glasgow, (Jul 2016)
International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition, San Francisco (Jul 2016)
Sempre: Music, Education and Technology, London UK (Mar 2016)
Classical:NEXT, Rotterdam (May 2015)
Music Learning Revolution, London UK (Oct 2015)
University of London, UK (Apr 2015)
College Music Society Regional Conference (Mar 2015)
ISME, Porto Alegre, Brazil (Jul 2014)

Peer-reviewed Conference Invitations: Posters

ISME, Glasgow, (Jul 2016)


Masterclasses, Workshops, Teacher Training, & Facilitations

Sistema Scotland (Jul 2016)
Sistema England (Oct 2015)
Minot State University, ND (Aug 2015)
Oklahoma State University, Stillwater OK (Dec 2015)
American University, Washington DC (Mar 2012)
St. James Music Academy, Vancouver (Jan 2014)
Núcleo Neojibá, Brasil
Núcleo Acarigua, Venezuela
Stellenbosch Universty, South Africa
Darling, South Africa
Salvador, Brasil

Faculty Positions
Asst. Professor & Director of Orchestras – UNC Charlotte (current)
Visiting Faculty, Director of Orchestras – Davidson College, NC (Spring 2016)
Adjunct (conducting) McGill University, 08-09
Adjunct (conducting) University of North Texas, 06-07
Adjunct (conducting) Denver University, 05-06

Y O U T H    O R C H E S T R A   W O R K S H O P S

Youth Music Monterey
New Jersey Youth Orchestras
CityMusic Cleveland
Orquestra Castro Alves, Salvador, Brazil
Orquestra Juvenil 2 Julho, Salvador, Brazil
Orquesta Infantil de Chiguará, Venezuela
Orquesta Infantil de Mucuchiés, Venezuela
Orquesta Juvenil del Estado Mérida, Venezuela
Orquesta Juvenil La Rinconada, Venezuela
In Harmony Lambeth, United Kingdom

K E Y N O T E    S U M M A R I E S

Beethoven’s Bailout

In North America, education is in crisis, and the middle class has been decimated. It’s time for a bailout – not for the arts, but from the arts. An exploration of the surprising interrelation between education, the arts, the growth of industry, and the formation of modern society, in answer to the question What must education look like for the knowledge economy of the 21st Century?

First delivered: Western Washington University, Jan 2013
Recommended duration: 45-60 minutes (including questions)
Audiences: General public, politicians, policy makers, all educational professional or advocates
Requirements: PC Compatible digital projector

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The One-night (Music) Stand

A provocative examination of our society’s changing relationship with music-making over the past 200 years, what we’ve gained, and what we’ve sacrificed. And a great deal about cookies too.

First Delivered: Alberta Music Conference, 2012
Recommended duration: 45 minutes (excluding questions)
Audiences: Suitable for general public, but of special interest to Music teachers, music students, professional performing artists etc.
Requirements: PC Compatible digital projector, audio

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The Five Fundamentals of El Sistema

What is El Sistema? How does it work? This 45-60 minute keynote, developed for all adult audiences, introduces the Venezuelan national youth orchestra network, explains its divergent philosophical foundations, and examines its profound impact on music education, children, and communities worldwide. This address is perfect for the opening event in conferences or symposia on music as an agent of social change or education advocacy events, and does not require any specialized knowledge or advance preparation on the part of the audience. It can also be easily modified to serve as an undergraduate music education lecture, connecting to specific concepts within current music education and sociological research. A previously-published article is available for inclusion in conference print proceedings.

First delivered: University of Western Ontario, May 2011
Recommended duration: 45-60 minutes (excluding questions)
Audiences: General public, politicians, policy makers, donors and program stakeholders, music teachers, music students, professional performing artists etc.
Requirements: PC Compatible digital projector, audio

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The El Sistema Environmental Ethos

How does music create lasting social change? This 45-60 minute keynote deconstructs the Venezuelan national youth orchestra network in the context of current music education thought and practice. It examines how the emphasis on pro-social participant growth influences program structure, highlights areas of symbioses between music education traditions, and identifies constructive opportunities for mutual learning. This address makes an excellent immediate sequel to The Five Fundamentals of El Sistema for full-day workshops or multi-day conferences, and when presented in sequence is appropriate for all adult audiences. As a stand-alone presentation it is best suited to emerging or experienced music educators and music education researchers, but can easily be modified to serve as an advanced university-level lecture, connecting to specific modern concepts in educational theory.

First delivered: Quebec Music Educators Conference, 2011
Recommended duration: 45-60 minutes (excluding questions)
Audiences: university music education students, practicing music teachers, or audiences familiar with “The Five Fundamentals of el Sistema.”
Requirements: PC Compatible digital projector. Audio connection not required.

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The Uncompromising System

There’s a giant, artificial rift between how we learn… and how we’re “educated.” How do we close that gap? The conventional model of classroom education has long been acknowledged as a necessary compromise between cognitive function and economic realities. This surprising and provocative presentation challenges that status quo, and shows how new methods of music education have reverted the process of learning to its most natural, most holistic roots with startling, if not stunning results in multiple dimensions. This address offers a engaging, non-technical look at the processes of the brain and its the complex yet fascinating interaction with the world in which it develops. Excellent for all educators, corporate audiences, and the general public.

First delivered: Social Harmony Through Music Symposium, Ottawa, April 2012
Recommended duration: 25-30 minutes (excluding questions)
Audiences: Corporate, professional, educators, general public
Requirements: PC Compatible digital projector. Audio optional

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Sustaining the Sound

How does a developing nation go from having two professional orchestras to over thirty in the space of 35 years, with venues filled to capacity? The professional symphony orchestra industry in North American and Western Europe is facing unprecedented financial challenges. Marketing, fundraising and concert programming innovations have slowed but not stopped the stream of bankruptcies, yet one country offers a powerful model of how orchestras can create meaning, build social relevance and grow audiences at the same time. This short keynote is appropriate for the general public, industry professionals and stakeholders, advocacy opportunities and orchestras looking to engage the public in new socially-oriented efforts

First delivered: Prince George, Canada, 2011
Recommendation duration: 30-45 minutes (including questions)
Audiences: All
Requirements: none

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Entrepreneurship for the Music Teacher and Performer

It’s not all about the internet… In this day and age, all musicians must be entrepreneurs, capable of identifying and developing career-sustaining opportunities. This seminar, targeted to emerging university-level performing artists and private music instructors, offers straightforward, non-technological strategies and frameworks for building a life in the music industry, with a particular emphasis on opportunities for social innovation. The highly interactive session focuses on entrepreneurship fundamentals, creating compelling value propositions, conducting market research, leveraging existing resources, assessing risk, and developing pricing strategies through engaging, hands-on activities and real-world case studies. Optional modules include an introduction to spreadsheet software, and social entrepreneurship models for music teachers.

First delivered: New England Conservatory, February 2010
Recommendation duration: 3-4 hours (includes team project time, excludes break)
Audiences: University-level undergraduate music or music education students, private music instructors
Requirements: computer and internet access for participants

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Cultivating a Culture of Leadership

Maestro José Antonio Abreu, orchestral conductor, economist, master teacher, and social entrepreneur, has built one of the most effective, mission driven enterprises in the world. This thought-provoking keynote examines the extraordinary leadership culture of one of the largest, most successful and most inspiring social/educational organizations in the world, how its very structure instills and reinforces its values, how it identifies and cultivates leadership talent from within, how it inspires passion and commitment from every employee, with fundamental concepts distilled for maximum transferability and adaptability. Perfect for chamber of commerce sponsored events, leadership training institutes, MBA students and corporate retreats.

Recommendation duration: 20-25 minutes,
Audiences: leaders of industry and commerce, business majors
Requirements: PC compatible digital projector

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