2 thoughts on “Venio, Video, Vinco

  1. What a great way to start the morning. I viewed this at my desk and ended up drumming like a crazy woman. You can’t sit still watching this video. Thanks to Katie Wyatt for sending it on.

  2. I wish all my PreTwinklers could have this kind of experience before I start violin activities. I teach my preschoolers 4 Suzuki Twinkle rhythms on a hand drum and then rhythm sticks before we start the violin.

    The children from Indian and South Asian families are never impressed because they are already listening to fairly complex classical Indian music. But all the other children really struggle with this even the Latin American children in my urban program. Finally the urban non profit I teach in is starting music theory classes. But they are for the older students 5 and up. I wish we had a music methods for the 3-5s that solicited some of these skills.

    I have to show this to my boy friend who does hand drumming. There has to be a way to do this with his students when he starts teaching in the class room. Some times he brings the djembe when he subs for the district.

    I wish I could hear more clearly what the directors are saying in the interviews. There has to be a way to filter the background noise. Sometimes a directional mike will do the job. The built in mikes on the cameras pick up everything.

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