Introducing the FESNOJIV Video Study

I’d like to invite your help with something. As part of our Venezuelan visit, the Abreu Fellows are attempting an ambitious data gathering project in order to shed a more scientific light on el Sistema (henceforth to be referred to as FESNOJIV, in this blog.) With the help of the  Music in Education National Consortium and Larry Scripp, my colleagues designed a form to allow us to document our field observations in an orderly way, and comment on the findings at multiple levels.

I’d like to go one better. I intend to document my observations on video, and allow the public – that is to say, anyone and everyone – to comment on them via the same intake mechanism. The idea is simple: to invoke the wisdom of the crowd, to let everyone see what I see and to encourage a plurality of perspective.

Please click here or go to the FVS link on the right sidebar to participate. Encourage your friends and colleagues to do so too. The more respondents, the higher the likelihood of this succeeding. I’ll make the results available online as soon as there are over 30 responses per video uploaded. Thank you.

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