FVS update

I don’t generally do a play-by-play blog, but I’m currently in Acarigua – Araure, a small town in Portuguesa state, and dealing with very intermittent internet connectivity. As a result, I haven’t been able to upload new videos for a few days. I’m still capturing footage and will make it available online as soon as I have an opportunity. Please continue to encourage friends and colleagues to look at these and comment on the footage – it’s their opportunity to make up their own minds as to what happens here.

If you are interested in the narratives of the Fellow experience in Venezuela, I can make two recommendations. The first is the blog of my colleague and teammate Dantes Rameau, linked to the right.  His site is essentially a diary in near real-time, and makes for a very interesting read.  The other referral is Lorrie Heagy’s blog.  It’s also diary-style, but from the educator’s perspective and thus quite complementary to other materials.

No, I don’t have a reciprocal linking agreement with them. Their blogs are just good reading.

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