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C A N A D I A N   M U S I C   E D U C A T O R   J O U R N A L

Five Fundamentals of el Sistema
The Five Fundamentals of El Sistema

Dear Maestro Govias;

Please receive our kindest greetings on behalf of Maestro José Antonio Abreu and all of the staff here at Fundamusical Simón Bolívar.

We have reviewed your article titled “The Five Fundamentals of El Sistema,” and we are very satisfied with its contents.

Maestro Abreu himself personally read it, and wanted to thank you for your kind words on his project, he found it “impeccably written” and felt very grateful and impressed by your handling of the subject.

We will be very happy to receive a copy of the article once it is printed, as we feel it will become a very useful resource for all investigators on the subject.

As always, we remain at your service should you wish to further your investigations.

Best regards,

Rodrigo Guerrero
Desarrollo Institucional y Relaciones Internacionales
Fundamusical Simón Bolívar

Available in multiple languages

en française 한국어

Türkçe olarak


The Challenge of el Sistema
The Challenge of Sistema

Canadian Music Education Journal 56-1, November 2014
A follow-up piece to the internationally famous “Five Fundamentals of El Sistema”

the S T R A D
the premier publication for string educators, performers, and luthiers with an international readership

Inside El Sistema – The 5 Fundamentals Explained Cardboard violins – the “Paper Orchestra” evaluated Columbia’s Batuta – Getting it right nationally Tip of the Iceberg – prospects for Sistema in the UK


U K   A S S O C I A T I O N   F O R   M U S I C   E D U C A T I O N

Reaching Out
Book chapter – Hard to Reach, Harder to Let Go: a practice of social action through music inspired by Venezuela’s el Sistema.Reaching Out: Music Education with Hard to Reach Children and Young People(2013).(Link to Amazon.)


A M E R I C A N   S T R I N G   T E A C H E R

American String Teacher Journal November 2014
American String Teacher Journal Nov 2014

Cultivating Cohesion: Five rehearsal strategies for building great ensembles


E A R L Y   M U S I C

Early Music April 2012
Banking on Brahms’s tempos: a literalist look at the Italian terminology in his Variations on a theme by Haydn. Early Music (2012) 40(1):111-118.(Subscription or membership required.)


The official publication of the Canadian Association for Music Therapy – not related to the American e-newsletter of the same name

Ensemble 38-1
Composing New Endings: music therapy for a nation. Ensemble (2012) 38(1):10-13. (Full text available!)


L A   S C E N A   M U S I C A L E
Canada’s national Classical Music magazine

Sistematic Explorations, a 10-part series on El Sistema

Part 1
Introduction of the series
Part 2
Music and Social Change
Part 3
Inverting the Paradigm
Part 4
All Systems Go
(The Sistema)
Part 5
The Science behind Sistema
Part 6
(the numbers)
Part 7
Symphony in Many Mvts.
Part 8
El Sistema in Canada
Part 9
Cure for the Symphonic Crisis?
Part 10
Over to you - Abreu's Challenge


C A S E   S T U D I E S 
CityMusic Cleveland
Sistema Program


E L   S I S T E M A   L O G I C   M O D E L

El Sistema Logic Model

T H E   P H O N O G R A P H
McGill Music Undergraduate Students Association (MUSA) publication

Taking Beethoven to the Bank

Why Music? Or The Myth of Classical Music and Money Part I (Oct 2007)
The Myth of Classical Music and Money Part II (Dec 2007)
Why Music?…revisited: The Myth of Classical Music and Money Part III (Feb 2008)

Making sense (and cents) of the record industry (Apr 2008)
Why the Grass Really Isn’t Greener on the Other Side (Oct 2008)
Musings on the Music Lesson Fee (Feb 2009)
…While leaving Berio Behind…(Apr 2009)