Publish and be…

…Delighted, actually, to make my second appearance (first as an author) in this very prestigious publication. It would be poor recompense to the publisher were I to make the article available online here, but there’s an excerpt available at the Strad site here and at some point I may be able to provide the original draft which has much more detail, at the cost of some of the narrative interest.

With the publication of this article in a major periodical, I’ve since been motivated to create a new section online (also available via the menu on the left) dedicated to el Sistema resources I’ve created or authored. There’s a new blog directory, a section devoted to publications, and a video bank featuring personal footage taken in Venezuela of a wide variety of activities. I hope to make some formal case studies, logic models, curricula etc. available shortly, too, so please check back often or contact me directly if there’s something you’d really like to see, bearing in mind that I’m only uploading materials to which I own the rights.

Coming very soon: my first installment in a 10-part series in Canada’s La Scena Musicale (aka The Music Scene) on El Sistema. These articles will be published in both English and French, and I’m told will constitute one of the first French language resources available on the program.

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