Published again, apparently

And once again I’m delighted to say that, exactly one week following the publication of my article in The Strad, another from my pen/laptop has appeared in the September issue of Canada’s classical music magazine, La Scena, as previously promised.The article is available via the above website in both PDF and Flash format, but for the sake of simplicity it is also available for download here.

When approached by the editorial staff of La Scena about doing the piece, I didn’t have to think for long. La Scena offered a ten-part series, which will allow me to dig a bit deeper into some of the ideas than I was able to in the Strad article. As importantly, the articles are being published in both English and French, and in the latter format constitute one of the very first French-language resources on el Sistema. That means the articles have the potential to reach another 200 million individuals worldwide, and as the mathematician in me notes, if one thousandth of one percent of those feel the urge to start a program (assuming100% penetration, admittedly), we’ll have another 200 programs across the globe.

That’s pretty unlikely. But I’d settle for one.

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