A site for sore eyes

I’m pleased to announce the launch of a new website, one that is simpler and cleaner than its predecessor. Some important changes:

  1. Since the last iteration of the site was launched in 2012, a number of pages have become obsolete. I’ve attempted to retain them all under the original URLs for archival purposes, but they are no longer directly linked on the main page. No guarantees, however: if there’s something you truly miss, message me directly. Pages not directly linked will not be updated.
  2. The blog, the longest running of its kind,  is still active but it is no longer front and center on the main page. The most recent posts will be listed in the bottom left corner of the page, and the blog itself is linked in both header and footer menus.
  3. Unlike the old site, the new site should work much better on all displays, including tablet and mobile.

A surprise feature of the new site is that it lists the total number of followers the blog has. I thought I was in the area of around 40. It turns out that over 1700 people follow the blog, either through direct email subscription or through blogging aggregators. I’m stunned. And strangely, despite the neglect, traffic has remained surprisingly high. I didn’t anticipate this when I started the blog in 2009, but thank you for your continued interest in my writing.  I have no intention of retiring the blog, it’s just that life and professional activities seem to be getting more in the way.

Again, thank you.  I hope you continue to enjoy reading the entries.

Jonathan Govias


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